Do I need to hire Upholstery or Carpet Steam Cleaner?

Do I need to hire Upholstery or Carpet Steam Cleaner?

When it comes to wash your carpets or upholstery furniture you will need a professional steam machine. Most of the households do not own such, as they are bigger in size and more expensive than a normal house vacuum cleaner. So you will have to choose between hiring on your own steam equipment from a store or book a professional carpet/upholstery cleaning service coming straight to your place. Please read which of both options would suit you best, and make your own decision.

When you rent second hand steam equipment to clean your carpets or upholstery you have limited options to choose from.

You will be offered to choose from no more than two types of steam machines, depending on the size of the cleaning area you need to clean. This cleaning machine’s vacuum motor is far less powerful compared to a high quality professional steam cleaner. This means you have less possibility of removing much of the stain as well as less penetration inside the fabric material and killing of dust mites and bacteria’s. You would be offered very basic cleaning chemicals to be used with the steamer and you need to pay separately for each cleaning detergent. This comes a bit inconvenient as you are not an expert and you do not know what to buy and what stain removal detergents are most appropriate for the job. When you rent the steam equipment you sign a contract in the store and select for how long you need to borrow it and that is how you pay for the machine plus a refundable deposit. If you delay with your return you will be charged a late equipment return fee. You need to call the center and check what availability they have, then book the equipment and pay over the phone. You need to collect it yourself from the nearest to you store location and return at the same place. Another disadvantage is you do not really know the technical condition of the machine until after you start working with it. Means the store assistant wont switch it on/off in front of you when you go to rent it to check the working level condition. This could be a bit frustrating as you may be blamed for any failure you have not caused. At the end you do the cleaning job yourselves.

What are the advantages of booking a professional Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning Service by a reliable cleaning company?

Firstly you only need to do some quick research and find a trustworthy cleaning company covering your area. You can book the service at time and on a day, which suits you. You do not do anything; just book the service over the phone or online. The cleaning technician comes at your place professionally equipped with whole set-up of machines, tools, attachments and products. Professional cleaning companies use high standard steam machines with powerful industrial motors, intended for cleaning of big areas with solid dirt. The technicians are professionally trained and already experienced, so they know how to treat any stains, marks, smells, etc. , using the correct cleaning detergent they bring with them and then shampooing the whole area you need. They usually give 100% service quality guarantee and promise money back if you are not entirely satisfied with the cleaning. This deep professional steam cleaning service is recommended by carpets and upholstery manufacturers to keep your home clean and healthy. Hot water extraction cleaning method (steam cleaning) kills any bugs, food and dust bacterias also it has high positive effect for people with health problems such as asthma, eczema, allergy, etc. Most of stains would be removed, all dirt cleaned and the fabric material will look brighter and smell fresh. For most of the customers this is a better option, what would you choose?

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  1. Stephanie Sanders
    15.01.2016 at 12:42 pm

    Thanks for sharing about all the benefits of using carpet steam cleaner. I bought my own because my house is very big and it needs very often to be cleaned with steam cleaner. It is very efficient product. and I recommend it to everyone!!

    • 09.01.2017 at 11:24 am

      Dear Stephanie, I presume you have got a domestic model which is OK for light tasks. When it comes to deep cleaning then professional range of machines should be used, selling prices for such equipment start from 2000 GBP they are very powerful but bulky which makes them inconvenient to buy and store for most households. However there is significant difference in quality of cleaning, that is why most customers prefer to book service with a cleaning company then hire a machine or buy one by themselves. Regards, Chris

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