How to clean urine stain and smell from a mattress?

How to clean urine stain and smell from a mattress?

Whether your pet or child caused the urine stain on the mattress, it is very difficult to be removed. Both types of urine have unpleasant odour and more particularly the pet urine. Once the incident happened the urine absorbs fast into the fabric material. What makes the strong smell of urine is the uric acid crystals contains, which only could be removed by using an enzyme based product combined with the appropriate washing of the mattress.

Unfortunately traditional cleaning products containing soup and fragrance as well as strong chemicals are not suitable for cleaning of urine stain and smell.

When a urine accident happens on the mattress, take a quick action. First try to soak the liquid with soft tick paper sheet or clean fabric cloth. Do not spray with any fragrance, as it will make smell worst. Do not try to manually wash the stain with water and soup. Seek professional mattress upholstery cleaning company, to treat the problem. They use powerful steam machines, and will expel clean water over the stain and then suck the dirty water back into the tank. This method is recommended to be repeated few times, in order to twitch the urine itself as much as possible and remove the stain. After the cleaning, the trained mattress cleaner will apply the enzymes onto the right location. The product is designed to neutralize the smell, by attacking the uric acid crystals and not only cover or hide it. The neutralizer product hits the bacteria’s surrounding the urine and eliminate the odor.

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