• We use our sofas everyday. They are one of the most presentable items at our homes. Most of the sofa’s fabrics are very delicate, so taking a good care it is not a simple task. Vacuum, deodorize or brush the sofa would eventually have short visual result, however this does not help increase the lifespan of your sofas. We specialize in deep steam sofa cleaning with more than eighth years of experience. Why it is important to have your sofa regularly steam cleaned? At our sofa steam cleaning we use hot water extractor with eco-friendly detergents for a guaranteed great result when old stains and smells need to be removed. However they are more serious issues with fabric furniture. Dust mites are considered to cause 90% of asthma and allergy condition, and we all suffer from they aggressive bites. Trust our trained sofas steam cleaners and protect the health of your family. We guarantee 100% service satisfaction with our professional sofa steam clean.

  • There are some items at your household, which cannot be simply put into the washing machine. Rather because of their size or the specific material. Mattress and Curtains manufactures recommend sanitize your fabric furniture items minimum twice a year, or whenever there are specific problems with them. We offer professional steam cleaning of any size mattresses and fabric curtains. The cleaning service involves hot water extractor at high degree temperature, which destroys most bacteria’s and bugs living inside, and gentle eco friendly liquid solution to treat specific stains or smells. The steam cleaning service is highly recommended for people with healthy conditions such as asthma, allergies and where pets are living. Our professional steam mattress and curtains cleaning service covers all London area and we do next day booking.

  • Do not let the frequent use of your armchair, stool, dining or office chair destroy their quality. We are professionally trained upholstery steam cleaning company with long experience. Our steam-cleaning technicians will take a great care of your furniture and achieve high quality result at the most affordable price in London. You do not need to look any further, give us a call and we will book upholstery steam cleaning for you straight away. Preserve the live of your furniture and destroy thousand harmful bugs living deep in your sofas by using our hot water extractor technology. These microscopic dust mites are dangerous for the health of human and pets. Upholstery manufacturers recommend steam cleaned of your fabric furniture at least twice a year to keep them well sanitized and fresh looking for longer.

  • We strive to deliver only first class services to our customers. Our professional carpet and rug steam cleaning is provided by fully trained and experienced technicians. Booking deep carpet steam cleaning will save you thousand of pounds instead to replace it, and you will be assured you and your family a protected too. Why it is important to have your carpets and rugs cleaned regularly? Bacteria’s from food, drink, human/pet hair grows and develops deep inside the fabric and cannot be removed by simply vacuuming. Dust mites are very serious issue. They are harmful bugs and cause healthy problems such as allergy, asthma, etc. The hot water extractor technology we use, guarantee deep penetration of the steam together with the cleaning detergent. This process completely destroys all bugs, bacteria’s and smell. The colour of your carpets will be recovered and deliver freshness at your home. Do not hesitate about the service, give us a call and talk to our friendly and qualified customer support.

  • If you need leather furniture cleaning, then we are certainly the company you are looking for. With over eighth years experience in the field we pride ourselves of being one of London’ s most professional and highly qualified leather cleaning providers. From sofas to office chairs, we will deliver only best quality result at any leather item we touch. We use only manufacturer’s leather approved cleaning solutions, which are environment friendly and safe to kids and pets. The process involves gentle removing of stains/marks (if possible) and colour restoration and polishing. All leather furniture items are different and delicate, so we understand how important is to investigate the material first and then apply the required cleaning process. Our reliable cleaning expert will advice you how to look after your furniture after the service. We do operate 7 days a week including bank holidays. We take bookings with next day service availability including weekends.

  • Whether you moving out or in the property sell it or simply you need a deep thorough cleaning of the whole property, this is the right place to book it. We have long and professional experience in undertaking deep end of tenancy cleaning in London. We do work only with trained and experienced cleaners, who are personally met and checked. End of Tenancy cleaning is the service we provide at daily basis and this is why we understand it in close details. We work closely with private tenants, landlords and estate agents and make sure all tenants get their deposits back and the properties are always left outstanding. Here you can read our full End of Tenancy Cleaning checklist: If you have any specific requirements not covered in our comprehensive cleaning checklist, please talk to our friendly customer service and they will advice you further if we could fulfil your requirements. We make sure we are always able to help with any possible cleaning matters and leave our customer completely satisfied with the service.

  • We work with hundreds of private domestic and commercial clients around London. Over the years we have built up a strong reputation as one of the most reliable and competitive cleaning company in London. Our cleaners are all interviewed, trained and vetted who are ready to make your place spotless. We are not cleaning agency and work only with independed, self- employed people, where the client always have direct contact with the cleaner. We act as an introductory cleaning service company and we do not require minimum contract cleaning period or advanced deposit fee. Also we make sure we provide flexible options of payments to satisfy every client requirement. We only require a 24 hours booking notice before we organize the first cleaning visit. If you are completely happy with the first service you will have the same cleaner every visit, if not we will make sure to find one to satisfy your requirements. If you wish to cancel or reschedule a cleaning visit, please give us 24 hours notice prior to the service. If you think we are the right-cleaning providers for you just drop us an email or give us a call. We are always happy to assist you.